The Cubs Will Lose, But Hope Won’t Be Lost

With the Cubs now down 3-0 in the NLCS, it looks like the most tortured fanbase in all of sports will have to wait another year. Though this series has been one-sided in terms of wins and losses, it has lived up to the great battle we were all expecting to see. One club has consistently drafted pitching and built the team around the idea that no matter what, our three or four starters with ace-type pedigrees will give us a chance to win every day. The other team has built their team around a plethora of young power hitters in order to capitalize on the MLB’s overall lack of offensive production.  It has been a treat to watch the individual matchups between young studs that will most likely shape the outcome of the National League playoffs for years to come. And that’s why Cubs fans shouldn’t fall back into the myths of stupid curses and billy goats.

Pessimistic old Cubs fans probably saw Schwarber botch that fly ball last night (which isn’t an easy play, by the way) and immediately said “there it is, there’s the black cat”. Apparently those same people weren’t around in the first inning when Schwarber belted an opposite field home run. And apparently they weren’t around when he hit his other four home runs this postseason, leaving him only one behind Daniel Murphy who simply hits home runs every time a game is played now.

Luckily, the people mentioned above are in the quiet minority (or dead) as there hasn’t been many of the typical storylines about a curse or any other nonsense. This Cubs team, full of budding superstars, has nothing to do with the past. They don’t care about the lack of winning that has been a staple of the organization for years. They plan on being in contention for the foreseeable future.

Let’s not forget that Theo and his boys are actually ahead of schedule right now. As good as this lineup is, there is more talent coming down the road (see Torres, McKinney, Happ). Just watch the rest of this series knowing that you were a pitcher or two away, and that pitcher is probably coming in the offseason (spoiler alert: it’s David Price). There is so much talent in the this organization that it may be impossible to not at least be in the conversation for the postseason for the next 5-10 years. So, Cubs fans, if you are thinking about mentioning the curse or sacrificing any goats…just chill out. You’re going to be relevant for awhile.


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