So A Position Player Pitched For the Blue Jays Yesterday

Yup, it happened. And according to Elias it’s the first time that has ever happened in the postseason.

How embarrassing for the Blue Jays. But really the story here is that the Royals are really good at baseball. Want to try and outpitch us? Ok, we’ll keep pumping out guys who throw 98 MPH until there are holes in your bats. Want to get into a laser show? Sure, we’ll keep scoring runs until you’re forced to make MLB history in a bad way.

This team is so good that it was able to carry Alex Rios, a guy who has never been in a postseason game, to (most likely) the World Series. That’s some hard negative juju to overcome. Next thing you know Adam Dunn will come out of retirement to hoist the trophy for the Royals in 2016.


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