Week 7 Fantasy Questions

Everyone has decisions to make on Sunday with their fantasy lineups. Should I start player A or B? Am I sure I can get away with starting player C? Should I stop worrying about all this because my team sucks? While we can’t focus on every question going into week 7, here is a few of the more important ones that fantasy owners are currently dealing with:

Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, or Christine Michael
We had an old saying back in my college baseball playing days for guys who struggled with a certain task all the time: FITFO. Figure It The F*** Out! The Dallas Cowboys really need to start applying that acronym to their backfield, because quite frankly I’m tired of hearing about which one of these bad running backs is going to get more carries. When you have that offensive line, it shouldn’t matter. I still think Joseph Randle is going to get the bulk of the carries because even Christine Michael didn’t know what coach Gary Brown meant when he said he was going to “take the reins off” Michael. It would seem that the former second round pick should take over the job, but it’s not like the Seattle Seahawks are in the business of just giving away talent. I would think if the Seahawks believed in him whatsoever they wouldn’t have shipped him away for a conditional pick, but they may have known early on that Thomas Rawls would be a very solid backup. With Randle averaging a pedestrian 3.9 YPC, it seems Michael will at least be given more opportunity. I can’t see Randle really taking control of the job, and McFadden….just, no. Of these backs, it looks like Michael has the best opportunity to fill a more DeMarco Murray-like role.

Can you really keep rolling out Peyton Manning?
It’s not very often that a quarterback is considered a bust. Generally in today’s NFL, most guys put up enough points to not make owners angry week after week. As painful as it is for fantasy players who probably drafted him within the first four rounds, it’s time to stop relying on Peyton Manning because he is as close to a QB bust as you can get. He is the 28th ranked quarterback in fantasy football this year. That means, in most leagues, he is AT BEST the second option on any fantasy team. The only positive you can take away from his first six weeks is that he’s actually putting up decent yardage. If he can cut back on the interceptions (he’s had ten in six games) then he’ll be a streamable option going forward. However, if he can’t figure something out he is simply not an option for fantasy owners.

Who will it be this week, Bill?
We all thought the Patriots may have found their first consistent down-to-down back since Corey Dillon, but right after he signed an extension with New England Dion Lewis’ carries immediately dropped. This is mostly because LeGarrette Blount came back into the mix, but we all would really just prefer it if good ole Bill would just let us know who to play each week. Blount has looked like the back to own recently, but Lewis has looked better and more explosive when he gets his touches. Right now, you have to stick with Lewis as he will at least provide receiving yardage even against tough run defenses. With Blount, you’re likely relying on matchups and him getting a goal line carry or two each week.


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