Soooooo That Was Insane

Last night’s Game 1 was possibly the strangest start to a series ever. The Royals ended up winning thanks to Eric Hosmer driving in the winning run on a sacrifice fly in the 14th inning, but everything that preceded that was complete bonkers.

Edison Volquez’s Father Passed Away Before the Game
After Ned Yost gave the idea that Volquez had no knowledge of his father’s passing before he started Game 1, sources are now coming out that Volquez did indeed know before the game started. If this is true it’s completely remarkable, and even if the Royals don’t win the series this should be remembered as one of the most courageous performances in World Series history.

Alcides Escobar Hit an Inside the Park Home Run…On the First Pitch the Royals Saw
It happened because Yoenis Cespedes misplayed the ball by accidentally kicking it, giving the speedy Escobar enough time to circle the bases. To sugarcoat Cespedes’ rough start to the night, he missed the pregame introductions because he was using the bathroom…

Fox Had a Power Outage
Let’s be real, this happens to Fox all the time. Both the primary and backup generators that were powering Fox’s broadcasting trucks went out. Normally they would just feed the viewer one of the many radio broadcasts, which they did do for some time. But, given that close calls are now capable of being challenged, it’s more than the fans who need the TVs. The game was delayed for a short period of time until the fix was in place.

It Was the Longest Game 1 in World Series History
At 5 hours and 9 minutes, this marked the longest Game 1 ever. It comes in a little more than a half-hour short of Game 3 of the 2005 World Series between the White Sox and the Astros. The Sox would go on to win after 5 hours and 41 minutes of play.

Even Google Screwed Up
This is actually really disappointing. I was looking forward to Google Fiber eventually coming to Chicago, but they honestly may have lost a future customer because this s*** can’t happen. There was a hour long outage in KC at the beginning of the game, which rightfully infuriated an entire town. Seriously, lost customers.


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