Ratliff Made Extremely Violent Threats

When someone is threatening the lives of staff members and their families, including their children, it’s probably time for the police to be called. With the new developments that have come out regarding now ex-Bears defensive lineman Jeremiah Ratliff, it’s clear that one of two things are going on here:

  1. Ratliff may have some early-developing mental health issues. It’s one thing to threaten an adult, and whether that’s an empty threat or a real one it still needs to be taken seriously. It’s another thing to threaten others not related to the problem at hand, more specifically, children. We all know that NFL players’ brains are getting damaged. There’s nothing the league can do to stop it, no matter how many kids they teach Heads Up Football to. As a 34 year old veteran, who knows how many concussions Ratliff has played with during his career. It’s a repetitive story, but it’s one that needs to be given some thought anytime something like this pops up.
  2. Ratliff has some serious drug or alcohol problems. Another part of the details that came out is that Ratliff claimed to be the devil. I realize I’m not hearing it in context, but that definitely sounds like someone who is hopped up on goofballs. This would also fit right in with his three game suspension for substance abuse at the beginning of the year and the fact that initial reports of this incident claimed Ratliff was unfit for practice that day.

It’s probably some sort of combination of both these scenarios. Either way this is a frightening development, especially when the person involved is a massive, testosterone-driven football player who is believed to be in possession of firearms. Hopefully Ratliff can take a step back and evaluate his situation, because he clearly needs to get his mind right and talk to the right people for help.


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