Why is Everyone Surprised that Greg Hardy is Scum?

“He looked me in my eyes and he told me he was going to kill me.” That was what Greg Hardy’s accuser said after she was assaulted by Hardy. Apparently, even after this it takes multiple photographs posted on Deadspin for the entire world to realize what kind of person Greg Hardy is.

We already knew that Hardy was a very bad guy. We knew that he was found guilty of assault after he beat a women while threatening to kill her. It’s good that Deadspin posted those 48 photos showing the brutality, but why is the entire world just now reacting like this? The same thing happened with the Ray Rice video. When the news came out about Rice the reaction was simply “oh well, another NFL player is beating women.” It wasn’t until AFTER the video came out that everyone was up in arms wanting Rice out of the league.

Now the same is happening with Hardy. If your opinion is that these players should be banned from playing in the NFL, fine. I just have one question: Why did it take photographs and videos for these people to think this way? WHAT DO YOU THINK ASSAULT LOOKS LIKE? If there was initial outrage after Hardy was found guilty of this crime, I get it. But the crime didn’t change. The publicity of the pictures doesn’t make the crime better or worse. He’s was a really bad guy before the photos came out and he’s a really bad guy after the photos came out. If you’re thinking “how could someone do that,” you should’ve had that thought over a year ago when he was found guilty.


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