5 Things That Blew My Mind on Saturday

  1. Alabama completely dominated LSU and their star running back
    • Bama/LSU is always a tough, physical game with both teams exchanging blows throughout the game. Remember that 9-6 game in 2011? That was the most physical matchup I can remember between these two, and I was expecting more of the same last night. It seemed as soon as Fournette was starting to get shut down, LSU pretty much folded. The Heisman candidate ended the night with a 1.6 YPC average, which is about six yards shorts than his average on the season.
  2. Nebraska beating Michigan State
    • Now that I think about it, this wasn’t really surprising. Michigan State has been begging to get tagged all year long. Connor Cook’s alleged lack of leadership will cause his draft status to continue to slip just as the Spartans will do in the rankings.
  3. Oklahoma State beating TCU
    • Over 1000 total yards and 78 points scored wasn’t the surprising part of this game. What came out of nowhere was Trevone Boykin’s 4 interceptions. Arguably second in the running behind Fournette for the Heisman before this week, Boykin’s performance was the sole reason the Horned Frogs were beaten handily yesterday. With Fournette and Boykin having poor days, who is now going to step up and take the reigns as the leading Heisman candidate?
  5. Memphis finally loses to…Navy?!?
    • This is more disappointing than shocking. In reality Navy is actually pretty good this year. Their only loss is to a very good Notre Dame team and the AAC is actually kicking ass this year. However, after that Ole Miss win I thought Memphis was going to be the first Boise State of the College Football Playoff era, going undefeated and causing everyone in that room to be forced to think about actually including an AAC team. Guess not.

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