Fantasy Trade Targets and Bait

Week 10 is a critical week for fantasy football leagues. Most teams are either preparing for a playoff run or desperately clinging to the hope of staying alive in their respective leagues. The players listed have advantageous or gross matchups going forward, so they could be trade targets or trade bait depending on the situation.

QB Trade Targets

Drew Brees: If you’re willing and able to eat a bye week in week 11, Brees could be a great target. If he’s on a desperate team in your league that can’t afford to not have a high profiled QB for one week, they may be more inclined to deal him for less. Great matchups against Tampa Bay, Detroit and Jacksonville at the end of the year make him a prime option for a championship run.
Blake Bortles: Already passed his bye week and ranked in the top ten in most leagues, Bortles is a good option going forward that you can likely get for cheap. He doesn’t face a good pass defense the rest of the way and the Jaguars are likely to be behind in most games.
Andrew Luck: This is only if you already have a decent option at quarterback. At best, Luck will be back for the semi-final or final round of your league’s playoffs. The good news is he plays Jacksonville, Houston, and Miami in weeks 13-16. If Luck’s owner is not very smart, he might even drop to the waiver wire.

QB Trade Bait

Matt Ryan: People always expect more out of Ryan than he actually produces. He’s on a bye this week and still has two matchups against Carolina towards the end of the year. Find the owner who drafted Russell Wilson to be their every week QB and make him an offer.
Carson Palmer: Palmer has been great this year, but he’s about to slow down. He’s at Seattle this week then Cincinnati, St. Louis and Minnesota wait for him later in the year. He should be easy to trade, and you can replace him with a Jameis Winston or Derek Carr for the rest of the year and get similar production.
Cam Newton: Cam has been running a lot lately and will most likely slow that part of his game down as the Panthers will want to save that for the playoffs. Without the running portion Newton becomes a very average fantasy option, so getting some value from him now might be in the cards.

RB Trade Targets

Jonathan Stewart: Stewart’s schedule opens up a bit with good matchups the rest of the way including two against Atlanta. He’s also had over 20 carries in his last four games, a trend that should continue as the Panthers try to keep Cam Newton from taking too much punishment.
Danny Woodhead: Always overlooked in standard league formats, Woodhead is a great option for stability at the flex spot or RB2 if you’re desperate. He is mostly immune to bad matchups because most of his points come through the passing game, and with San Diego’s receiving options dwindling every week Woodhead will be a must start going forward.
Marshawn Lynch: A classic buy-low scenario. Lynch owners have most likely been frustrated with his overall production, but the bye week gave him time to recover which should set him up nicely as a top tier RB option for the rest of the season.
Eddie Lacy: Tread lightly when going after Lacy. At his best he has top ten running back potential, but he has clearly been awful this year. You can get him for a very low price, but I wouldn’t trade any pieces that are essential to winning down the stretch.

RB Trade Bait

Darren McFadden: Call me crazy, but I don’t see McFadden getting through the rest of the season without getting hurt. The “running back in Dallas” factor is always appealing to fantasy players and McFadden has actually performed well over the past two weeks. You should be able to get a king’s ransom for this pile of garbage.
LeGarrette Blount: Uneducated owners might look at Blount and think he’ll cash in because he’s the only guy left in New England. Season after season we see that isn’t the case, plus Blount has tough matchups against the Jets and Broncos among other solid run-defending defenses left on his schedule.
DeAngelo Williams: Target the former Le’Veon Bell owner (assuming it wasn’t you) and ask for a nice package of players. Williams is already dealing with an injury and I expect that to continue throughout the season. He also has a bye in week 11.
LeSean McCoy: More or less selling the name here than the actual player. McCoy has been banged up all season and that doesn’t look to slow down. Also, his only two favorable matchups the rest of the way are Dallas and Washington.

WR Trade Targets

Mike Evans: You’ll have to move quickly on this one as he’s starting to heat up. Evans has good not great matchups the rest of the way but the Bucs figure to be behind a lot. He looks like he’s almost 100% healthy and Vincent Jackson is now a ghost, so the time to have Evans is now.
Demaryius Thomas: Getting Thomas for cheap might be possible if the current owner is frustrated and sick of Peyton Manning. However, Thomas is a receiver that doesn’t need to catch a couple 20 yard passes to get his fill on Sunday. He always has the ability to break a quick screen for a score, which is what Peyton really does best these days.
Brandon LaFell: People forget how productive LaFell was last year when healthy. He just recently had a nice performance and figures to get more looks as defenses continue to focus on stopping the Patriots’ middle of the field weapons. He’s worth asking about to see if the current owner knows his potential.

WR Trade Bait

Larry Fitzgerald: Two massive weeks at the start of the season really vaulted Larry Fitz to the top of the charts in terms of points. John Brown is proving to be a really good receiver so the targets are likely to vary week-to-week. That coupled with some tough matchups make Fitzgerald a good trade candidate.
Travis Benjamin: Another receiver who benefited from a big start to the season, Benjamin’s performance has declined significantly. You’ll have to find a trade partner who is very desperate at the position and willing to gamble on Benjamin having a few more big weeks.
Steffon Diggs: While Diggs is a very good receiver, he has tough matchups coming up including Seattle and Arizona. Use his recent hype to your advantage and sell high while you still can.


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