Devils Top Blackhawks Again

1st Period

The Hawks came out of the gate hard, controlling the pace of play and looking like the better team. The Devils did not have a shot on goal through the first nine minutes of the period. Tanner Kero drew a penalty early by driving hard to the net which actually turned into a five on three for two full minutes. After a few good chances Kane found the back of the net to extend his point streak to 11 games.

Teuvo to Toews to Kane has a nice ring to it. Might this be the “panic button” line in the playoffs when Q needs them? Either way, whenever Toews and Kane are on the ice at the same time it’s magical and adding Teuvo to the mix just puts a stupid amount of skill on the ice.

One thing I noted was that Viktor Svedberg had a couple of nice shifts. He used his big frame to shield the puck nicely away from opposing players a few times which allowed him to make the correct pass and get out of the defensive zone. It would be nice if one of these young defenseman could earn Q’s trust as the season goes along so they don’t have to play with three and a half players on the blue line come April.

2nd Period

In the short burst of good that Svedberg gave us in the first period, he came back in the second with equal amounts of bad. If you were late getting back from the bathroom after intermission you missed the tying goal. Then later in the period after a Hawks offensive zone turnover, the Devils scored the go-ahead goal. Svedberg failed to skate and stick with his man who scored on the rebound.

As is becoming the norm, Niklas Hjalmarsson was very active in the offensive zone in this game. Hammer looks very fresh and is skating with a purpose, most likely trying to fill a huge void left by Keith’s absence. Known as one of the most responsible defenseman in the NHL, it would be great to see Hjalmarsson develop the offensive part of his game to compliment what Keith and…ugh…Trevor Daley bring to the offensive attack. I don’t like Daley. He’s not a poor man’s Oduya, not even close.

3rd Period

A classic Patrick Kane exhibition of skill led to the game tying goal. Kane was by himself in the offensive zone against three Devils defenders and managed to maintain possession. Eventually the puck found its way to Artemi Panarin who buried a roof shot from a gross angle.

The Devils followed up that goal by peppering Crawford with a couple of nice chances, though Crow was up to the task. However, at 17:33 the Devils capitalized on a Hawks penalty to score once again and this time would not give up the lead.

Virtually no traffic in front of the net gave Sergey Kalinin an easy rebound goal. This is something Hawks fans have learned to live with, as Crawford and Quenneville both prefer their defense to give Crow a clearer sight line to see incoming shots than muck it up in front of the net.

The Hawks fall to 8-7-1 on the year and 7-2-1 at home. Box Score


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