I’m Kinda Done with Daily Fantasy…For Now

So, if you haven’t heard, daily fantasy sports is kind of a big deal now. Even people who have never watch a sporting event before have undoubtedly seen a Fanduel or DraftKings ad. And if you have eyes you also know that states are now condemning and shutting down these sites, viewing them as gambling, not skill. Well no shit.

Of course, it’s all BS. It’s all in an effort to get votes or collect tax dollars. These sites are making too much money to just be shut down. Not to mention NFL owners are invested in these sites, and they pretty much run the damn world right now. However, as I user I’ve found myself somewhat disinterested as the NFL season has gone along. Last year I was all about DraftKings, though that was mostly because my season-long team was a bit poopy. This year I started joining a couple games but wasn’t following along on Sundays like I normally would. I’d end up watching the Bears then following my season-long team, and then on Monday morning I’d say “oh wait, what did I do on DraftKings yesterday?” I could’ve been a fucking millionaire and wouldn’t have even know. Even though that’s virtually impossible.

I think a couple things have contributed to my lack of interest in DFS this year. First, my season-long team doesn’t completely suck. Let me clarify by saying it still sucks, but this time last year I was already out of the playoff running. I have to imagine these sites get a boost this time of year when players don’t care about their season-long leagues anymore.

Second, I’m tired of all the shit. We all know that this is gambling, so please, lawmakers, cut to the chase and decide to tax it in a different way or something. You’re not going to completely shut it down, so save me the time it will take to read each article about how Utah or California or Illinois shut down DFS because some politician wants more votes.

I’m also tired of the marketing, and marketing is what I do when I’m not writing terrible blogs. It’s kind of offensive, to be honest. The money these sites have spent on marketing takes away any creative aspect of their ads. It’s cool to see that DraftKings clearly paid the FX show The League to write DraftKings somewhere in the script of every episode. What’s not cool is when I’m watching that episode and then have to hear Ed Norton narrate that damn commercial where the two guys head nod at each other like “hey, we hate our lives and this is what consumes us.” Just stop it. Some of us have a budget, DraftKings.

Finally, and probably most importantly, it’s taking something away from the game of football. I have found myself knowing less about each team in the league because, besides the Bears, all I watch is the Redzone channel. While this channel is a blessing it also serves as a curse. We are becoming less fans of the actual teams and more fans of the players. There is already a league for that, it’s called the NBA. Just ask any Cavaliers turned Heat turned Cavaliers fan.

That being said, I could totally see myself jumping right back in when I’m completely out of my season-long league. After all, we’re all gamblers at heart. We all want a chance to win something for doing nothing.


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