Bears Get Foxed

Take. The. Points. 99.9999999% of the time, the right call is to take the points. But no, John Fox decided to test the league’s best pass defense without the Bears best receiver on a 4th down play instead of taking the field goal which would’ve made the score 17-12. Instead, the Bears failed to convert and would later miss on a two-point conversion attempt they had to take and lost the game 17-15. If John Fox had TAKEN THE POINTS, the Bears would’ve likely came away with a win. TAKE THE DAMN POINTS!

This might be why the collective response out of Denver fans when it was announced that Fox wouldn’t return as the Broncos coach was “…meh.” Fox has shown a couple of times this season that, for whatever reason, he isn’t the best in-game manager. Sunday against his former team was just another reminder of his lack of ability when it comes to making the important calls.

Of course, this loss can’t completely put on the shoulders of Fox, though I would prefer if it did. The Bears defense has to take a good chunk of the blame, as they were gouged by a below-average rushing attack. The Bears gave up 170 yards on the ground, exactly what they didn’t need against a team who started Brock Osweiler. This allowed Osweiler to have a relatively impressive debut, as he threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns.

On the other side of the ball, the Bears couldn’t get their own running game going. Again, something they absolutely needed to do to relieve the pressure on a passing attack that was going up against the best pass defense in the league. Jay Cutler, despite the interception, played well in my opinion. He made a ton of things happen with his legs, and seemed to be at his best when the pocket broke down. It was the ineffectiveness of the run game that doomed the Bears’ offensive attack, as Langford and Carey combined for only 67 rushing yards. Almost poetic was the two point conversion attempt, as the Bears tried to pick up the two yards on the ground but were stopped cold. A fitting end to a crappy game. It looked like Cutler checked into that run, but I’m sure we’ll never find out what the call was since John Fox is about as open to revealing secrets as the CIA.

Speaking of Foxy…TAKE THE POINTS!


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