Bears vs. Broncos Preview

Much like last week, the Bears will be attempting to win a ball control type game with the offensive drives helping to provide defensive success. Don’t be surprising if the Bears’ offensive gameplan looks eerily similar to last week’s quick pass and mid-run scheme. The Broncos pose a similar threat as the Rams did, except with more talent, better instincts and a better coaching staff. On the defensive side, containing the run will be key as Brock Osweiler will be making his first start as the team’s quarterback. This will be a much easier task than last week, as the Broncos have been horrible running the ball and their offensive line is severely void of talent.

Bears O vs. Broncos D

It’s been a very simple story for the Bears on the offensive side of the ball. Get in “third and manageable” situations, complete passes, and keep the running game going throughout. That’s not to say Adam Gase hasn’t done a masterful job of controlling this offense. He has limited mistakes, namely turnovers, and turned Jay Cutler into a reliable option at quarterback.

Of course, the Broncos defense is a different monster. They were unbelievably stout, comparable to the ’85 Bears or 2013 Seahawks. More recently, after the loss to the Colts and the disastrous Peyton Manning performance against the Chiefs, the Broncos haven’t been put in the best opportunities to succeed. However, they are still ranked first in total yards per game and first against the pass, giving up only 183 yards to opposing quarterbacks.

We must see a carbon copy of the Jay Cutler we saw against St. Louis or even better on Sunday if the Bears are going to come out on top. Of course, the running game must be successful as well and the Bears will look to run right at the Broncos to take advantage of their speed. Cutler will obviously have to convert a good number of “third and manageables.” The problem with this is that Aqib Talib may be the most instinctive cornerback in the league. He will consistently sit on routes and take advantage of any mistakes by completely trusting his reads. Jay Cutler needs to be precise on his own reads to avoid this:

Bears D vs. Broncos O

The Broncos are the fourth worst rushing team in the league. The Bears must make sure they don’t find their first success with the run game on Sunday. Like what they did to Nick Foles (who, again, is just horrible) they need to contain the running attack in order to put pressure on first time start Brock Osweiler.

Osweiler was a second round pick out of Arizona State, but not much is known of him because of the big Peyton Manning sized shadow in Denver. He is much more mobile than Manning, which will give the Broncos offensive line a little more breathing room. He also has a stronger arm which could pay dividends in the play action game.

What he doesn’t have is Manning’s experience and ability to read defenses. Vic Fangio is incorrectly known as a blitzing defensive coordinator. While the average fan sees blitzes, the more educated eye sees that Fangio doesn’t blitz very often, you just don’t know which four players are going to be rushing the quarterback. I expect Fangio to play games with the new starter and frustrate the offensive line right away.


Once again this will be a game won by the Bears’ coaching staff. In terms of pure talent they will obviously be overmatched, as they mostly always are. However, Adam Gase will limit the explosiveness of a very good defense by relying on the quick pass/screen game and staying with the rushing attack. On the other side of the ball Vic Fangio will frustrate a young quarterback by bringing different types of pressure all game long.

Bears win 23-13


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