Corey Crawford is Doing Some Stuff

Despite the occasional fan drinking Haterade, Blackhawks nation is genuinely happy with their goaltender. He has won two Stanley Cups, one of which he had to earn by overcoming his own poor play and spectacular games by Scott Darling. He was also considered for the 2014 Canadian Olympic team.

Yet no matter which stadium he visits, he’s the only one subjected to consistent hazing (well, until Kaner made some poor decisions). We’ve all heard the “CRAWWWWWFOOOOORD” chants that are just soooo original. Those are right up there with “hey ref get off your knees” and “warm the bus up”. How many accolades will it take until fans stop adding fuel to the fire by chanting his name?

What if he were to add a Vezina Trophy to his mantel? He just notched his league leading sixth shut out of the season. He’s not the leader for the award right now, but if he has a good enough stretch to put him in the top five for save percentage and keeps adding shutouts along the way, he has to be considered.

Don’t get me wrong, he can be extremely average at times. He gets a ton of help from a strong defense led by a guy who could win the Norris Trophy every year if the league allowed it. However, Corey Crawford will never get the respect he deserves because he is strictly a positional goaltender. His success and failure depends on how good his positioning is on a given night, which doesn’t draw many highlight saves. In reality, he’s probably among the top ten goalies in the league but will never be treated as such.


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