The Alshon Jeffery Problem Seems to Have a Pretty Obvious Answer

Franchise tag. I really don’t know why the Bears would consider anything other than a franchise tag for Alshon Jeffery. I also don’t know why this is even up for debate. He’s basically the reason the franchise tag was invented.

He’s a tremendous talent that has shown production while on the field. Key words being “while on the field”. Lingering injuries kept him off the field a lot this past season. I don’t question his toughness, and I never really do that for people who smash into each other at high speeds for a living.

I do question his willingness to be in Chicago. Reports have come out citing his dislike of the cold Chicago weather and the fact that he feels “isolated”. First off, come on bro. You’re a professional football player. Cold weather is part of the gig. The isolation part stems from Brandon Marshall being let go from the Bears. It’s the NFL, players are going to come and go. Leaving Chicago isn’t going to make having close friends any easier.

Seems like Jeffery has a little growing up to do, which is understandable. I don’t think he’s necessarily ever going to be the leader of a locker room and that’s fine. Kevin White might be able to fill that role when healthy. Maybe when that happens some of the pressure can be relieved from Alshon and the Bears can sign him to a long term deal. But not this year. Not with this Alshon.


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