We Get it, Preds, You Don’t Like Hawks Fans

Once again Predators’ brass has decided to try and “keep the red out” by employing another ticket selling policy that restricts sales to fans that reside within the team’s television viewing area. Ah, the stinky cologne of desperation. My guess is they’ll sing God Bless America instead of the National Anthem again as well. In fact, why don’t we just not recognize America, right Nashville? Anything to keep those pesky Hawks fans quiet.

This continues to be the epitome of “I’m gonna take my ball and go home” whiny behavior. This is not an indictment of the Predators fans by any means. By all accounts, though their knowledge of the game might be subpar, they are genuine fans who enjoy rooting for their team. As the Predators continue to win the fanbase will likely learn more about the game. I also don’t think there is much resentment from the Preds fans towards Hawks fans (until a 20 something gets drunk and spills beer on their heads). After all, aren’t they the ones selling their season tickets to people from Chicago?

Though this attempt to keep Hawks fans away will once again fail, you have to wonder why the Preds’ management continues to think this is a good idea. They get nothing but bad press. They end up looking like giant crybabies. Maybe because they are giant crybabies. Someone needs their diaper changed, and perhaps a pacifier so they can just shut up and take their beating.

I’m also not sure there isn’t a lawsuit here. However, I don’t even want anyone to take legal action. It’s much more entertaining to watch red jerseys roll into Nashville no matter what kind of policy they try to enact. Oh, and then of course continuing to treat them like little brothers on the ice is rewarding as well.

At this point, I’m thinking of purchasing Preds season tickets just so I can sell them to any away team fan. I would even consider just giving the tickets away. My dream would be to give one ticket to a fan of the opposing team for every Preds home game. The only stipulation would be that they have to wear a big sign that says “A BLACKHAWKS FAN GAVE ME THESE TICKETS.” See, I can be childish too.


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