Still Waiting, White Sox…Still Waiting

I can tell you how this offseason is going to end for the Sox. They’re going to wait for the market to set itself in terms of free agency and they’re going to be stuck with some middle of the road geezer that is prime for a down year because of age or statistical adjustment. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see the Sox setting the market value anytime soon.

I’ve expressed my concerns about this before. The White Sox are always in between two philosophies. If they’re going to go the free agent signing route, they need to actually DO IT. I’m so tired of this half rebuilding half contending bullshit that I’m seriously considering moving to a different city just so I don’t have to hear about it. I would prefer the Sox tear it down. It’s much more financially efficient and you have greater room for error. They don’t want to. Fine. But then you have to sign the shit out of talent that’s on the market.

Give me Ian Desmond, give me Upton or Cespedes, give me two more overpriced arms…GIVE ME SOMETHING! But no, the Sox are determined to be a large market free agent player that doesn’t really sign enough free agents. My guess is they’ll resign Alexei, which will result in me purchasing no tickets this year, and then sign a fourth outfielder like Austin Jackson who will eventually become a starter after they give up on Avisail Garcia.

There is some good news. If the Sox somehow sneak into the postseason, they are primed for a run. Ace-level pitching dominates in the postseason, which the Sox have (well, they have one). They’d have to use Sale like the Giants used Bumgartner, but hey, who cares if his arm falls off? However, I see this team falling into the 70-80 win range once again.

Please, White Sox, prove me wrong. If you want to contend, set the market. Don’t wait for it to come to you. Better yet, trade everyone and start from scratch.


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