Man, I Just Don’t Care About This John Scott Thing

“Then why are you writing about it?!?” Because, asshole, I’m trying to make a point.

John Scott was voted as a captain of the all star team this year. If you’ve ever watched John Scott play hockey you know that’s a ridiculous sentence. Scott is not a good player. He’s not an average player. He’s barely a bad player. He’s spent most of his career being sent from city to city and up and down from the NHL to the AHL.

I didn’t care about Scott going to the all star game because, like every league, the NHL all star game is a joke. Of all the major sports, baseball makes theirs the biggest shitstorm because they actually made it mean something. All star games in general are now just a circus of random talent, and should be treated as such. So no, I don’t care that a bum was voted captain.

Then Johnny boy got traded and sent down to the AHL, so now every John Scott fanboy is up in arms about him not being able to play in the all star game. Honestly, why do you care? Maybe you feel sorry for him because he won’t be getting his pay bonus for making an all star game. Well, did he really deserve that? If that was a bonus based on an unlikely all star level performance, did he really earn that bonus? No.

This is why I refuse to care. Because everything about an all star game is stupid. So if you’re constantly tweeting about John Scott over the next couple of days, prepare to be blocked.


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