You Should Probably Watch the Bulls Tonight

Listen, I’m not the biggest basketball fan in the world. This entire regular season seems like a useless exhibition until we get to the playoffs and the Warriors win the title again. It’s like reading a book you know the ending to.

However, I will definitely be tuning in tonight. The Warriors are a thing. They are a thing that doesn’t come around often and needs to be witnessed. Everyone needs to soak in as much Warriors basketball as they can before this thing goes away. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, you’ll be able to appreciate what the Warriors are doing if you watch tonight.

The Bulls have actually been better than most of the NBA at defending this runaway train of shooting and scoring, but they’re not going to contain the firepower the entire night. You might see Curry launch a shot from the horn on the Bulls logo at center court tonight. Then he’ll turn around and walk back before the shot even sinks because he’s knows it’s going in. Watch his teammates, too, when he takes a shot. They’ll start drifting back right after he releases it. It’s kind of stupid. Stupid good. And stupid entertaining.


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