Blackhawks vs. Sharks Preview: Bread Man Questionable

Artemi Panarin may not play tonight as he is currently battling an illness. He’s the latest to come down with the sickness (skypoint to Disturbed) as Toews, Sekac, and Anisimov have also been ill recently.

Maybe he’s just homesick…not like Russia-sick, Chicago-sick…like he misses Chicago. I don’t know. Shut up. The Hawks have played eight of their last ten games on the road, and while I think the white sweater is probably the best jersey in all of sports it’ll be nice to see some red tonight.

After theoretically bending the Stars over on Saturday, it would be easy for the Hawks to overlook a decent Sharks team tonight to prepare for the Stars’ retaliation on Thursday. But how many times have we said “man, the Hawks sure did overlook those guys.” Probably like twice. Nah, zero.

It will be interesting to see what Q does with the lines if Panarin is out. I’ve been clamoring for Teuvo to be part of a skill line all season long because I don’t think we’re seeing his offensive potential at all whilst on the third trio. He played really well on both ends of the ice filling in for Toews, so maybe that will give him the opportunity to play with Anisimov and Kane tonight.


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