Alright, Enough With This NHL Replay System

I remember the good ol’ days when the refs would default to Toronto to review any questionable play on the ice. It was quick, efficient, and I didn’t feel like putting my head through a wall. Then the NHL decided to try and be the NFL and introduce coach’s challenges.

Let me start by saying this isn’t coming from a whiny Blackhawks fan view of “wahh they’re screwing my Hawks wahh”…the Hawks have plenty of calls go their way. In Arizona and last night at the UC two goals were disallowed because of goalie interference. Both calls, in my opinion, were incorrect. Joel Quenneville seems to concur as he earned a penalty in the first offense and walked out of a press conference last night because the inner rage he felt.

So my issue here isn’t that this happened to the Hawks, it’s that it happened. If you recall, they initially were sending the replay to Toronto to review if Mashinter had kicked in the puck. But then San Jose challenged that there was goalie interference on the play. So that means instead of the play going to Toronto where they have big TV’s and all the replays they need, the play is sent to what basically amounts to a portable TV from 1998.

While the refs are looking at this disaster of a device that was clearly purchased in the clearance aisle from a local Radioshack, time is ticking and my patience is wearing thin. Then they get the call wrong. Is this going to turn into a situation where we no longer know what a goal is? Similar to not knowing what a catch is in the NFL? I’ll probably freak out if it gets that bad.

If they have to get rid of the coach’s challenge, fine. I don’t need the shit that NFL refs deal with every game where no one seems to know the rules. Send the play to Toronto. Buzz the answer down to the head ref. Everyone in the stadium boos or cheers, and we move on with our lives. I usually always slant towards change to gain progress in sports when it comes to getting calls correct. I’m all for implanting a chip in the football to determine where it should be spotted. Laser-grid strike zone? Sounds fuckin’ sweet. But we’re seeing that what we have to go through to get there is intolerable. Please, for the love of hockey, stop this madness, NHL.


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