Please Don’t Freak Out if the Cubs Regress

The Chicago Cubs are coming into the 2016 MLB season as favorites to win the World Series. They have added A-level pieces to an already 97 win team from last year. Jason Heyward is going to provide the Cubs will star play and Ben Zobrist will be the glue that Joe Maddon uses to mold his lineup every day. So why is Vegas setting their over-under at 89 wins?

Ever since that number came out that suggests the Cubs might regress from last year, Chicago hasn’t gone in total freakout mode but you can tell there is some edginess. Here’s why it makes sense: baseball. No matter what, baseball is always going to baseball. There is going to be natural silliness to a baseball season. It makes sense that the Cubs wouldn’t reach 97 wins again because that number is abnormally difficult to reach. Honestly, it would just be natural.

There’s more than just nature that may cause a Cubs’ regular season regression. Jake Arrieta had one of the greatest seasons a pitcher has ever had. EVER. Baseball has been around for quite awhile, and what Arrieta did has rarely been seen, if ever. That was Pedro Martinez shit, but possibly even better. There is no way that he repeats his performance, and it’s very likely that he ends up with around a 3.00 ERA and 1.20 WHIP…both really respectable numbers very high when compared to last year.

North side fans also have to remember that these kids are doing it way faster than they were supposed to. You’re probably going to see a few guys go through some struggles throughout the season. Kyle Schwarber is a prime candidate for this in my eyes. You saw what good pitching that can exploit a young hitter’s weakness can do as Schwarber only had two hits in the NLCS. Also factor in that he’ll be attempting to play a position that’s still new to him. This might factor in the consistent offense suffering a bit, but that doesn’t mean Kyle Schwarber isn’t going to hit baseballs really far for a long time in a Cubs uniform.

All this being said, they may not take a step back wins-wise. Does it really matter though? Unless you’re betting the over on the 89 wins, you shouldn’t get too stressed out about the number of wins the Cubs obtain in the regular season. Let’s not forget that the regular season basically doesn’t matter once the playoffs start. All the Cubs have to do is get in, and they have just as good a chance as anyone else to win the World Series. So pla


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