Pitcher Headgear? This Isn’t the NFL

Let me start out by saying if a pitcher wants to wear protective headgear while he is standing just over 60 feet from a giant person looking to hit a hard object back at their face, they should be allowed to. As a former below-average college pitcher I can attest to how terrifying it is to have a line drive hit back at you. I don’t have an issue with wearing the protective hat. That’s not the point.

The point is that I feel like there are people out there trying to make this into a bigger issue than it actually is. Head and brain injuries are nothing to fool around with. If the MLB wants to institutionalize a rule where the pitcher must wear this protective hat I wouldn’t necessarily agree with it, but I get it. I just hope a¬†comparison to head and brain damage that NFL players experience doesn’t happen.

At worst, a handful of guys get line drives to the dome each year. In the NFL, gigantic testosterone-driven men are slamming their heads into each other every play for at least 16 weeks out of the year. To compare the two situations is pure insanity and that’s exactly what the MLB is doing by releasing and backing the design to some new headgear. It feels as if the MLB is trying to piggyback off the negative attention that the NFL gets for the unsafe nature of its game. They can spin it as “getting ahead of the curve” as much as they want, but baseball is never going to get to a point where every pitcher is wearing this shit so they’re getting ahead of nothing.



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