Oh Good, Jimmy Rollins is Here…

Maybe I’m just always angry at the Sox no matter what they do nowadays, but this move bothers me. I get that it’s only a Spring Training invite and it’s not really a risk. Their thinking might be that Rollins can provide a veteran presence for youngsters Tim Anderson and Tyler Saladino in camp so they can better prepare for the future.

Here’s the thing though. Rollins is a guy who has had run-ins with multiple managers about not hustling. He’s even been benched a couple of times for not running out a pop up or ground ball. Is that the type of guy you want mentoring your star prospects?

Also, the fact that they gave him a roster spot means they think he can make the team. It also means Rollins himself thinks he can make the team. If you told a veteran “hey, you’re not gonna make the team but if you could come down here and teach this guy how to play your position that would be great” he would dunk your head in a toilet. So since they think he can make the team, that means Tyler Saladino is worse than we thought. Saladino, by the way, is the only projected starting positional player who is homegrown talent. Sorry, “talent”. Just think about that.

Rollins literally didn’t do anything well last year. He’s coming off career lows in just about every major category. He was also a negative dWAR player last year, meaning he was worse than replacement level defensively. He’s also 37. Haven’t the Sox played this game before? Ken Griffey Jr., Roberto Alomar, Omar Vizquel, Manny goddamn Ramirez…

Again, this probably isn’t much to get fired up about. It’s a “whatever” move where Kenny Williams wanted his guy and Rick Hahn was forced to pull the trigger. But it still bothers me. If they’re going to do this why not sign an actual player who could bring actual value to the table. Ian Desmond isn’t my ideal shortstop but at least he’s not a handful of years away from getting his AARP card. This doesn’t make them worse, it sure as hell doesn’t make them better, but once again I’m left with wondering what the hell this White Sox team is.



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