What Does Martellus Bennett Leaving Mean?

If you’ve paid any attention at all to the Bears’ offseason you know that Martellus Bennett is likely not coming back. It started during the season when he passively complained about not getting more targets and continued in the offseason with reports coming out about Bennett not likely being part of the long-term plan. A couple of Brad Biggs tweets from yesterday pretty much put the nail in the coffin:

So what does this mean going forward? If the Bears get anything in a trade it’ll probably be a fifth or sixth round pick. However, as Biggs stated in his Tweet it’s very possible that he’ll just be released, freeing up more cap space for the Bears.

The optimistic view of this is that the Bears have a ton of room to sign free agents. Biggs also published a list of the top free agents, a number of whom would be a good fit for a team that’s lacking in depth and talent. We knew the front office was going to turn this roster over, but maybe it’s happening a little quicker than we thought.

The bad news is that the Bears will be getting virtually nothing out of arguably one of the most well-rounded tight ends in the league. They now lose a versatile player who helped stabilize an offensive line that desperately needed help in pass and run blocking. This may point to the Bears focusing on offensive lineman in the draft. It also may mean the Bears’ brass collectively think this team is farther away from a Super Bowl than we initially thought.


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