Yeah, I’ll Take This Center Combination

So I guess the Hawks won’t have an issues up the middle in the near future. If you haven’t turned on a computer or smart phone in the last few days you might not know that the Hawks inked Marcus Kruger to a three year extension. Maybe he’ll even get his number back after Ladd skates off into the sunset with another Cup.

Yes, it’s a lot for a fourth line center and it’s going to make Stan’s life a little more difficult when they have to shed cap dollars, but he probably would’ve commanded that much on the open market. He’s the best at what he does and no one can argue with that. This also completes the Philip Danault trade in a way. I wasn’t thrilled with that move at the time because Danault could probably develop into Kruger eventually, but now that the proven commodity is here to stay it makes a lot more sense.

I think it’s safe to assume Stan will pull some cap magic out of his ass because he does it every year. So putting aside the fact that the Hawks will now have to address major cap issues again, this deal makes sense in all the right ways. Remember the first couple of Cups where we were worried about the Hawks up the middle? You now have Toews, Anisimov, Teravainen, and Kruger in the middle of the ice for the foreseeable future. Good luck dealing with that, rest of the NHL.


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