Hey Chris, That’s Enough. Play Baseball.

The White Sox have possibly the best pitcher in the game on their roster, and he’s been acting like a jackass ever since Jeff Samardzija brought “attitude” the the Sox clubhouse last year. I don’t need Sale to be the enforcer of my baseball team, and I actually don’t even need an enforcer because this is fucking baseball. Just take the bump and do your job.

Last year when the Sox got into a scrap with the Royals, Sale was the first person to jump into the pile of mayhem. He also followed that up by storming the Royals clubhouse, looking to a pick a fight with Yordano Ventura. He continued this tough guy trend by mother-fucking Kenny Williams after the Adam LaRoche incident a couple days ago. If this is the way Chris Sale wants to lead this team, I’d rather him just not say a word.

In defense of Sale, that’s the players’ clubhouse and he doesn’t want the front office involved in their domain. I get that. But if that’s the case then this matter should’ve been handled among the players before multiple teammates reportedly went to upper management because they were uncomfortable with a kid in their space all the times. So Sale does his thing and the White Sox almost boycott a spring training game. What a joke.

If Sale wants to be the leader of this team, he should do it by not being an asshat. I love what he brings to the mound every time he takes the ball. He’s intense in a reserved way and at times he is literally untouchable. But I don’t need this bullshit tough guy routine from a guy who can be blown away by a strong wind. If you want to take control of your clubhouse, do it in the same manner that you mow down hitters. Be a leader by leading by example, not revolting against the people that employ you. And the next time you want to storm an opposing team’s clubhouse, remember that getting hurt doesn’t help anybody.


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