Well That Was Fantastic

I apologize in advance for the extremely unprofessional cursing that is riddled throughout this post, but holy shit that was awesome. This series is definitely past the point of analysis. Last night the Hawks escaped St. Louis with a win despite being completely dominated throughout most of the extra time. Playoff hockey is probably the only thing in sports that makes me sweaty and nervous while watching because you just don’t know what’s going to happen next. Last night we were treated to a gem, and I guarantee any Hawks fan who stayed up isn’t complaining while they down their third cup of Joe this morning.

These games have been pure entertainment. You have two rivals who dislike each other, two fanbases who can’t stand each other, and hopefully two more games to bathe in the glory that is this series. My range of emotions last night went from “yeah, they got this” when the Hawks went up 3-1 to “oh shit, forgot, this isn’t the same old Blues” when St. Louis tied it. Even though he gave up one softie, the Hawks would’ve given up six goals at least in regulation if Crawford hadn’t been in net. How about the line juggling? I can’t even recap what I thought about different forward combinations because I don’t remember all of them. Shit was nuts.

In the first overtime, I legitimately had to shed clothing because I just couldn’t handle it. The Blues completely dominated, I’m pretty sure they had the puck the whole time. At least that’s all I remember. Every time Tarasenko got the puck I was praying for a random global warming occurrence to melt the ice where he was skating so he couldn’t get off a 200 MPH wrister at Crawford’s face. And if you’ll allow me to back up, how about that Foley rant? Good on ya kid for sticking up for us here in the Central time zone, I’m sure that’s something Blues fans can appreciate as well.

The best part about last night, about this series in general, is that it allows us to return to true fandom. When it comes down to it, there’s no analysis to be done on these games. Sure Elliot wasn’t awesome and a few Hawks stars finally rose to the occasion. There are going to be experts telling us this is why the Hawks will come back in this series. But they don’t know shit. I don’t know shit either. No one knows shit until the final goal is scored. That’s why we can sit back, take the thinking caps off for a moment and get back to being fans. At this point, we don’t need to talk about possession numbers and zone time because it really doesn’t matter. Thank you Blackhawks, thank you Blues, and thank you hockey for letting us enjoy a sport without needing or being able to analyze it. I hope we get two more games, both with free hockey at the end. You can’t get this kind of entertainment anywhere else.


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