Bears Trade Up To #9 To Grab Leonard Floyd

Ok, I’m not a scout. So here is Nolan Nawrocki’s summary on Leonard Floyd…

“A long-limbed, fluid-moving athlete with an intriguing skill set that could translate well to the ROLB position in a 3-4 front or an elephant end of “Sam” linebacker role in a 4-3 front. An ascending talent with superb explosion and pass-rush potential, Floyd is far from a polished product and must continue to get stronger and develop more variety in his pass-rush arsenal to emerge as a Pro Bowl performer. Has a similar skill set to Dolphins 2013 third overall pick Dion Jordan, and lack of strength and physicality could create difficult challenges to overcome in the pros. Has boom-or-bust potential.”

Well, I don’t really like that last sentence. I don’t like the idea of taking a boom-or-bust guy in the top ten. Especially considering there were so many other options available in Hargreaves, Tunsil (despite his gas mask fiasco), Rankins or hell, even RobinsonĀ from Alabama. And why did they need to trade up for that? I’m assuming they got wind that the Giants were interested, but if they just made the trade to make sure they got their guy I’m not sure I like the thought process.

I keep seeing that “boom-or-bust” line and it hurts my feelings. The last thing this team needs is a bust in the first round. Not only do you take that guy in the top ten but you traded up to get him. Pace clearly has some balls and he doesn’t strike me as a guy who doesn’t believe in his evaluation of players. I just think Vic Fangio may have gotten too much of his ear in this case. Who knows, maybe he’s Aldon Smith without the off-field stuff. But why would you even take the risk of someone who has bust potential with a team that can’t afford to take risks?

You know what, whatever. I want all the pass rushers I can get my hands on. Get him in camp. Eat quarterbacks for breakfast. Let’s go.


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