Holy Crap Do I Need Football

Baseball is my favorite sport. I played it in college, and I still play on a men’s league team that takes it way too seriously. I’m in a Rotisserie league that has a constitution of league rules that would rival the MLB. Baseball is my bread and butter…but god damn am I ready for some football.

I don’t know what it is about this summer. This is a pretty enjoyable baseball season in Chicago. Both teams are at least okay, with the Cubs probably being the best team in the league. But I’m so bored with sports in July that I actually watched an inning or two of the all star game last night.

There’s literally nothing else going on. NBA free agency was basically just one day of signings, Kevin Durant, and then weeks worth of people talking about how everyone is overpaid. The Blackhawks and that really dumb P.K. Subban trade were entertaining for a day, but it faded quickly.

I’ve found myself watching more and more of the NFL Network, which is just putrid this time of year. I’ve also invested some hours into the Amazon show about the Cardinals. The most entertaining part of that so far is hearing Bruce Arians swear every three seconds, but that gets old fast. It’s no Hard Knocks.

Camp starts for the Bears in two weeks, but I don’t think I can wait that long. I’m going to have to activate our fantasy league and make a few tweaks for the upcoming season. Maybe start an email thread about rule changes to get everyone fired up. Yeah, we’re really far away from the draft but I’m going to start making plans. I just need it. I need some football.


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