Carson Fulmer Called Up to the Bigs

It looks like 2015 first rounder Carson Fulmer will be called up to the Bigs despite not yet proving to anyone that he can actually get people out. The quick call-up has been a staple of the White Sox farm policy for years now. They called up Chris Sale the year he was drafted, which proved to be the correct move. However, Sale had dominated AAA as a reliever prior to being called up and then succeeded in the bullpen at first for the Sox. He actually didn’t begin starting games until 2012.

The Sox will likely do the same thing with Fulmer, though this is just another example of the Sox treating their prospects like quick-fixes instead of assets. Carlos Rodon is a great example of a rushed prospect who is now being forced to learn on the fly. However, I would much rather see this than forcing a dumb trade for an aging veteran on a short term deal.

Constantly trading your farm talent for rentals is not the way to run a baseball team (unless you’re one of the few teams where money isn’t a factor). So I guess this is better than flipping Fulmer for a Carlos Beltran…though doesn’t that sound so White Sox? Fulmer is the cheapest option for bullpen help right now and I have to imagine he’s better than the hot garbage being thrown out there right now.

I am concerned about him following the Chris Sale path. Starting as a reliever then developing into a front end starter is rare. And the fact that I mentioning him in the same sentence as Chris Sale is probably damning to my credibility. Perhaps the White Sox know a 5’9″ power starter isn’t a real thing. Maybe they know he’s a bullpen guy (swing and a miss on another draft pick if that’s the case). If they do, and he dominates as a reliever, I hope they’re planning to flip him soon to an organization who thinks he’s a front-of-the-rotation starter.


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