David Robertson Needs to be Better

It’s easy to immediately react to last night’s blown save and say Robertson has been severely sub-par this year. In reality, he’s been average and his numbers are inflated by the outing against Kansas City back in May when he gave up six earned. However, he’s not being paid like an average closer. He’s being paid like an elite, shutdown ninth inning guy.

Can we circle back to last night for a second? How much farther away could he possibly get from his spot? Navarro was set up about a foot outside to left-hander Adam Lind. Robertson proceeded to throw the ball up and in, basically at Lind’s face. Lind then deposited the horrible pitch into right field.

That’s not what you’re paying $11mm for. You’re not paying that much for a 4.14 ERA. Robertson’s walks per nine innings has skyrocketed from 1.8 last year to 5.1 this year. That’s too many. So once again, the White Sox, who constantly preach about smart money and staying on a budget, are overpaying for minimal production.

Comparatively, Zach Britton is earning a little more than half of what David Robertson is making. That’s the same Zach Britton who has given up like three runs this year and closed out the All Star game for the AL. I would say Robertson should be traded, but we know that the Sox aren’t going to sell anytime soon. Also, his value has plummeted farther than Yahoo stock so it wouldn’t really make sense right now.

This is yet another example of a misused or overpaid asset in the White Sox organization. It’s almost as if the word “value” is never muttered in the front office. Robertson should’ve been traded last year when the Sox had minimal chance to make the postseason. Now him and his value are down, and they are overpaying for a guy who throws one inning two or three times a week. I don’t know how many more examples it will take for the Sox to make some changes, but at this rate they’re going to be losing fans before they start playing meaningful baseball.


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