Kane Has Another Dangling Video

This one is a commercial for his stick sponsor, Bauer…

This video is not as impressive as the one that came out a couple years ago with all the pucks on the ice. Not to say it isn’t pretty sweet. I mean, I sincerely doubt I’d be able to skate around all those obstacles without falling let alone dangle the entire time. Obviously I need to buy a Bauer Vapor 1X so I can master the very important skill of flipping a puck through a mini tire.

This feels like a summation of Kane’s offseason right now. It’s clear the Blackhawks have basically said “you’re going to sit at home and not move until the season starts again.” Which I’m fine with. He clearly can’t be trusted to go anywhere outside of Chicago, especially his home town. When he does visit Buffalo in the offseason I guarantee no one will hear about it.


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