It’s Pretty Obvious What’s Going On Here

After much careful thought, I believe I’ve uncovered the conspiracy behind the Chicago White Sox. When Drake LaRoche was dismissed from the team, Chris Sale blew up on the front office and someone in the broadcast booth came very close to defending what he did. Now, after careful planning and coordination behind Jerseygate 2016, one thing is clear: Hawk Harrelson is planning a hostile takeover of the White Sox.

All you have to do is connect the dots. In the Drake case, the players who were supposedly complaining were never heard from. It’s obvious Hawk rustled up these rumors. On a San Diego news station Hawk stated something along the lines of believing that Kenny Williams actually caused this issue on purpose to fire up the clubhouse. That was a lie. He just can’t directly take credit for his handy work…not yet anyways. Well, that spark set the team off to a roaring start to the season.

Now the Sox have fallen out of contention, and Hawk had to do something about it. He spoke to his good buddy Chris, and they devised a plan. The clearly premeditated act was perfect. No one could stop him because it was during batting practice when everyone was on the field. Ownership and the front office will be blamed once again for putting other things besides winning first. The team will now rise up and defeat their crosstown rivals.

Hawk is doing something quite spectacular here. He’s not only managing to get his boys fired up, but also dethroning the front office at the same time. I guarantee within the first two innings of the next away game Hawk will speak to Sale’s fire and passion. He might even drop a TWTW in there. Hawk is pretty much Batman at this point, and Chris Sale is his Robin. He’s on a warpath to save this team, and perhaps even this city.


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