Stagnant Sox Aren’t Who They Think They Are

At some point after a laundry list of failures to build a successful team around two of the game’s most talented and cost-friendly pitchers, you would think the White Sox brass would try a different approach. Yet, they border on the definition of insanity as once again the trade deadline passes and once again they retain their most valuable trade pieces. White Sox fans are left holding the bag, wondering what they could’ve gotten for two aces as the fanbase pines for a rebuild.

It might make sense for the Sox to hold onto Chris Sale until the offseason. After all, the more teams that are in play the more options they have in terms of a return. However, I sincerely doubt that Kenny Williams is going to head into a season convinced that his team can’t win, meaning Sale and Quintana will stay and the cycle will repeat itself.

It’s a cycle Sox fans have gotten used to. Sign a couple of overpaid and over-the-hill free agents in the offseason, come into Spring Training with all the gusto in the world, then muddle around .500 all season long without deciding what type of organization the Sox want to be. There’s no reason any of this team’s assets shouldn’t have been thoroughly discussed with potential buyers. That includes Frazier, Abreu, Sale, Quintana, Eaton, Shields, Cabrera, and even Morneau.

That’s not to say discussions didn’t take place for those players. But if that’s the case, something should’ve happened today. I can’t imagine the Sox still think they’re contenders, but if they do why didn’t they make an upgrade somewhere? God knows there are plenty of gaps to fill. But no, once again they are stuck in the middle not knowing which side of the fence they sit on.

I’m not intelligent enough to be a GM or Team President of an MLB club, but the way this organization is being led is borderline irresponsible. Outside of catching lightning in a bottle in 2005, it’s been the same old shit for too many years. If you do the same dance over an over eventually the act starts to wear thin. It’s time for a different dance, with a different choreographer. So Rick, Kenny…is it still a three year plan? You both think you can develop a winning team around Sale and Quintana. Where is that winning team?


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