Random Movie Review: Sausage Party

If you have any thought of bringing your kids to see this movie, don’t. If you have any thoughts of seeing this movie with your parents, don’t. If you’re easily offended…definitely just don’t.

Sausage Party is the ultimate Seth Rogan-y comedy. Tons of stupid laughs and swear words with semi-smart comedic political undertones throughout the movie. It knows what it is and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you are excited to see it because of the star-studded cast, cool your jets. It’s a cartoon so you don’t really recognize a lot of the performances besides Seth Rogan and possible Michael Cera and Selma Hayek’s characters.

I went into this movie with expectations that were way too high, but still came out laughing at some particular scenes in the movie. The bust-your-gut laughs are mostly in the trailers, but I found myself steadily chuckling throughout the entire movie. The last scene in particular is so gross but funny that you can’t look away…you want the scene to end but at the same time you don’t. It reminded me very much of when I saw Pineapple Express for the first time.

It’s worth the $10 to see in theaters, but I wouldn’t fault anyone for wanting to wait to pay $2 to Redbox it. It’s rare that a comedy is funny and different enough that I’ll consider adding it to my “buy” list, but Rogan and his Sausage Party now have a place on the shelf.


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