What Will We Call Guaranteed Rate Stadium?

It’s time to embrace it, folks. The new stadium name isn’t going away anytime soon. 13 years, to be exact. So we might as well accept it and figure out some sort of cool nickname. If I remember correctly, everyone hated US Cellular Field until someone figured out that calling it The Cell wasn’t so bad. Here are our suggestions, plus some scenarios where you could use the nicknames in sentences…

The Rate
“Man, the Sox really stunk up The Rate today.”

Not bad. Obviously, we’re just replacing ‘Cell’ with ‘Rate’ here, but sometimes it’s best to stick with tradition. This might be my favorite of the bunch. It’s simple, easy to use in sentences, and isn’t a mouth-full when discussing the Sox.

“Where are the Sox supposed to lose tonight? Are they at GRS?”

I’m not a huge fan of abbreviations, but this one isn’t bad. Short and to the point, I would be comfortable is this is the nickname that everyone went with.

The Grater
“I can’t believe the entire upper deck is empty at The Grater.”

This is pretty intimidating. I mean, if I was an opposing pitcher I would be terrified until I saw the Sox lineup. I think it fits for more of a football stadium, but maybe there’s a 1% chance the Sox put together an awesome lineup in the next 13 years and start shredding starting pitching.

That’s all I’ve got so far. I keep saying the full name over and over in my head, and you know what, it’s way better than US Cellular Field. Think about it, how long and difficult is it to say US Cellular Field. It takes like a year to get that out of your mouth, and if you’re not the best at speaking words you’ll probably screw it up and mash those two ‘S’ sounds together. Guaranteed Rate Field leaves no room error. It’s quicker, and has easier words to say. I’m officially cool with it.


One comment

  1. I like G-Rate. “Welcome to a beautiful Sunday afternoon at G-Rate Field, where your Chicago White Sox will attempt to perform like an actual MLB team today.”

    Just as important, how about some ideas for de-emphasizing that arrow-down logo??


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