Bears Lose Both Line Battles and the Game

That was less than encouraging.

Today was one of those days where I wish I was wrong about something. The Bears’ offense confirmed every troubling question I had on Sunday. The offensive line looked laughable, and at times I wondered if Bobby Massie thought his blocking assignment was air. Jeremy Langford was…fine, I guess. Though I can’t really get a read on his game because there wasn’t anything to rush through. Kevin White looked like the definition of a project, costing Jay Cutler a turnover after stopping on his route. Speaking of Jay, it was nice to see Zach Zaidman’s pregame research come to fruition when Whitehair and Cutler botched a snap on 4th down:

It felt like Cutler was sacked fifteen times, not five. They also only converted four of thirteen third downs…which isn’t enough. You could make a solid argument that if the Texans didn’t seemingly forget Alshon Jeffery existed for one drive at the end of the first half the Bears would’ve scored seven points in their season opener.

I can’t even look to the other side of the ball with any optimism. Sure, they look more like an NFL defense now with actual linebackers in the middle. But where was the consistent pressure that a Vic Fangio defense is supposed to put on quarterbacks? The Bears made Brock Osweiler’s life as comfortable as possible and let a rookie wide receiver destroy them. Will Fuller not only had 107 yards and a touchdown, but he also dropped another bomb early in the game. Even on special teams, especially in the kick return department, the Bears looked unprepared. Deonte Thompson had me pining for the days of Marc Mariani.

With all of the badness, the Bears were up 14-10 going into the second half. I thought a John Fox-led coaching staff was supposed to make solid halftime adjustments and close out games like this. Instead, they didn’t score a single point in the second half and gave up thirteen.

It’s possible I’m not giving enough credit to the Texans. Their defensive line is a top-five bunch when they’re healthy, and they have legitimate weapons on offense. However, I didn’t see the compete level that I expect out of an improved team. Not to sound like a typical meathead, but it looked like the Bears gave up when they figured out they couldn’t block enough players. The Texans might be a playoff team, but there was nothing in this game to make me think the Bears could sneak into that conversation.


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