Scrambled Links – 9/12/16

The Bears lost the battle upfront on both sides of the ball. We expected it on offense, but this Fangio-led defense is supposed to get constant pressure on the quarterback. Brock Osweiler was simply too comfortable.–RIYW

I disagreed with most of John Fox’s decisions major yesterday, including not taking the points on a 4th down when Cutler fumbled and challenging the Will Fuller catch which wasn’t even close. But the worst part is how pitiful the Bears played in the second half, which leads me to believe Fox made almost no halftime adjustments.–Chicago Tribune

More thoughts on the Bears from Brad Biggs. It’s troubling to me that not only does Kevin White seemingly not know his route tree, but also doesn’t look very fast.–Chicago Tribune

The Cubs could clinch this week in St. Louis, which would symbolize a passing of the guard in the NL Central.–NBC Chicago

Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I would’ve liked to see Arrieta have his start skipped. When your body isn’t right as a pitcher, your mechanics aren’t going to be right. That’s when injuries happen.–Chicago Tribune



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