Scrambled Links 10/7/16

If the Cubs are the Cubs, they should win this series hands down. Unfortunately, a five game series is almost as much of a coin flip as the WC play-in games: Cubbies Crib

I don’t believe this roster thinks about curses at all. But I also don’t believe that they don’t think about being the first Cubs team to win a World Series in a really long time: Hardball Times

I’m not sure why everyone expects a former Illinois State QB to slide in perfectly in place of a first round draft pick…but here you go: Inquisitor

If the Bears can’t get to Andrew Luck this week, I might have a brain aneurysm. Here are some other key match-ups: Da Bears Blog

In case you needed a reminder of how bad the Bears have been at drafting in the first round: CBS Local

Hawks’ Cup window is closing, but I’m actually more confident this year than last. Still, there are questions on the roster: Second City Hockey

I’m all for grabbing a former first overall draft pick. Not sure who the “surprise” name would be…to me anyone not named Toews, Kane, Seabrook, Keith, Hossa isn’t surprising: Blackhawk Up

TCI breaks down everything that’s different in the Central Division and what to expect…man, Subban being in the Hawks’ division really bums me out: The Committed Indian


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