Despite the Penalties, I Don’t Blame the Guys on the Field

This game pissed me off before it even started.

When first round pick Leonard Floyd was ruled inactive, my first thought was “great, another first round pick who can’t get on the field.” He did have a calf injury that kept him out of practice a bit this week, but that fact just adds to my frustration. We could’ve had the opportunity to see why Floyd was drafted in the first round. The Colts’ offensive line has statistically been the worst at protecting the QB this season. But no, Floyd joined Kevin White on the sidelines as non-participants.

Yet, at the end of the game I found myself at peace. Jordan Howard flashed again, remaining consistent with the opportunities he was given and arguably should’ve gotten more. His penalty on the first drive of the game was a sign of things to come for the Bears, but with a young team you expect young mistakes. I was very dismissive of Cameron Meredith’s potential, but he played extremely well. He made above average catches and showed speed and good route running ability. However, his fumble was costly. Again, expected. Bryce Callahan made some great plays, especially at the goal line, preventing a sure touchdown with an excellent tackle. The next play saw a communication breakdown and Dwayne Allen standing in the endzone all by himself. I’m not sure if ‘yin and yang’ is the right term here, but you see where I’m going with this.

There are Bears that are showing signs that they can play in the NFL. The problem is that none of these players have the top end talent needed to take over games. That top end talent is supposed to come from early-round draft picks. However, Kevin White and Leonard Floyd were both not in uniform yesterday. Ryan Pace was supposed to fix the first round draft pick problem, but it so far he’s 0-2. Joey Bosa has more sacks than Floyd, and he started his first game yesterday. That’s the impact that a first round pick is supposed to have on a bad team. Instead, the Bears have a growing depth of good role players with no star talent to get them over the hump.

Stop drafting projects, and give me NFL-ready talent.


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