Scrambled Links: 10/11/16

Connor Gillaspie turning on a 102 MPH pitch from a lefty was one of the more impressive things I’ve seen this postseason. The way they lost sucks, but remember, we expected the Cubs to lose the Bumgardner game.–CT

John Fox has a knack for saying things that sound really bad and are easy to take out of context. When referring to the QB situation, he said “we don’t have a plan.” That’s right up there with “it’s all a problem.”–PFT

The Ravens must not have been selfish and undisciplined. That’s the only explanation for Marc Trestman getting canned.–WGN

Six rookies is a lot, but they have the support of the best veteran core in the league. Hockey is back tomorrow.–DH

This comes on the heels of the NHL world learning that its best player, Sidney Crosby, is having concussion problems yet again. Yet in July Bettman denied the link between concussions and CTE. Putz.–NYT

The Bucs spent a second-round pick on a kicker, and he kinda sucks.–NFL

Finally, the Astros are getting rid of that stupid hill in center field. “Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s build a hill in center field to make it more difficult for our outfielder to play the position half the time.”–STLPD


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