Oh Good, the Bears Play Tonight

Why is that when I actually want my Comcast to go out, it never does. There’s not going to be much of a difference between watching a blank screen and watching whatever shitshow these two teams put on tonight. The Bears suck, and the Packers are hurt pretty much everywhere. So we won’t even see an entertaining beatdown.

Admit it, even though you say “get rid of the Thursday night games, they suck and it’s not fair to the players” you secretly enjoy it. It’s a nice start to the weekend. You watch some ugly football, be completely unproductive at work on Friday, then boom, you’re in the weekend. So yes, I’ll be watching tonight but will undoubtedly be complaining on Twitter the whole time.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is the uniforms for the Bears. I hate 99% of these color rush experiments, but I’ve always liked the blue on blue look when they’ve worn them. The Packers are being typical cowards and only going white on white. Way to think out of the box. Though if they did yellow on yellow I think my TV might explode, so thank you. By the way, love that Kyle Long, a guard, is the Bears’ flagship player and model for the color rush uniforms. Classic.

Aaron Rodgers is going to do just enough for the Packers to squeak by. Brian Hoyer will be just ineffective enough to never really give the Bears a shot. It will not be entertaining, but in the words of Seinfeld, we will all watch “because it’s on TV.”


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