Bears Continue to Achieve Season Goal, Moving Closer to the #1 Overall Pick

Classic Packers, playing right into our hands.

Only the dumb-heads from Green Bay wouldn’t realize that the Bears are trying to lose this year. Kudos to the players, John Fox and Ryan Pace for continuing to drive towards the ultimate goal: the first overall draft pick. I’m going to have to call out Vic Fangio for a second, though. The defense is looking a little too strong at times these days. I’d like to formally request a trade for Chris Conte in order to ensure the losing continues.

I’d also like to thank Brian Hoyer for breaking his arm. He’s really taking one for the squad here. Not only is this a key stepping stone for being at the top of next year’s draft, but it’s also going to make the rest of this season hilarious. The Bears weren’t fun-bad with Hoyer, but now that Matt Barkley might be taking over the reigns every gif machine out there is about to get a whole bag of new content. People forget that Matt Barkley was once the greatest quarterback who ever lived before he went to USC. Quick pro tip for Jay, don’t worry about coming back. Matt’s got this.

So cheeseheads, enjoy your meaningless win. Have fun losing the division to the Vikings and then getting Sam Bradford’ed in the playoffs. The Bears will be resting up, preparing for the draft and getting better while you waste another prime year of Aaron Rodgers. It’s a great time to be a Bears fan. The future is ours.


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