People Are Forgetting That Unless You Predicted a Sweep You Had the Cubs Losing at Least Once

The national media is pouncing on the curse narrative, suicide notes are starting to be written, and “told you so” fans are disapproving.

The curse narrative is probably the laziest thing in sports media. We get it, the Cubs haven’t won in a while. Instead of retelling the same damn story, maybe talk about how Kluber’s two-seam fastball moves like a wiffleball. Fans are getting super depressed after losing to a pitcher who strikes out ten batters per game. Yeah, it would’ve been cool to win the first one, but unless you were gunning for a sweep you probably should’ve expected this to be a loss.

Love the retrospective takes on the lineup decisions, too. Before the game it was “oh man, Coughlin in right? I never would’ve guessed it but hey, I don’t question Joe Maddon” and now it’s “I questioned that lineup decision before the game even started.” In which part of the game did Maddon get out-coached by Terry Francona? Was it the part where Maddon didn’t make his players hit a 94 MPH baseball moving like a frisbee directly over the black of the plate? Or maybe it was the super bold move by Francona to start his best pitcher then bring his two best relievers in? Genius! Maddon should’ve seen it coming.

Tonight they get a guy who is not Corey Kluber and loses fights to drones. Bauer is a former first round pick who has yet to live up to his potential. He’ll probably exit early. Even if it’s 3-1 Indians in the 5th and Francona smells any sort of trouble, he won’t hesitate in going to Miller or Shaw. This team won a bullpen game after Bauer exited in the first inning due to his bloody finger against the Blue Jays.

At this point, telling Cubs fans to relax is basically like telling Putin to declare world peace. Not possible. Just enjoy the ride.


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