Would A Neutral Site For the World Series Be the Worst Idea?

Just spitballin’ here. Since the MLB clearly likes playing during cold weather, why not make it like the Super Bowl and play at a neutral site? I just saw on the Twitter machine that it’s sleeting in Cleveland. Frozen hands and ice balls in your eyes is just what you want while trying to hit a hard object with a wooden stick.

Tonight’s match up might get delayed towards the beginning of the game due to bad weather. Question is, are the powers that be smart enough to not treat it like a regular season game and resume play the next day, not 11pm at night when we’re all sleeping?

Not to mention they already moved the start time up. Do you really think the 90 year old in the Chicago retirement home can read or hear updates about the start time on TV or the internet? No, they were relying on their grandchildren who don’t call often enough to let them know that the game starts earlier tonight. Now they’re going to miss the first handful of innings of something they’ve waited their entire lives for. This is all on the MLB.

I realize it would never happen, especially now that I’m patenting this idea and asking for 20% of all future World Series proceeds (that’s how patents work, right?). But you can’t tell me that playing in a stadium with good weather and a retractable roof isn’t interesting. Instead of traveling back and forth you have one destination which gets made into “World Series Town” for a week or two. I’m sure there are many factors that I’m not considering. Don’t care. If you don’t want to shorten your season, figure out a different option because this isn’t baseball weather.


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