This Month is My Favorite Month

I pride myself in figuring out what most can’t. I just did it again…

They say that January is the most popular month for divorce filings. They say there are a multitude of reasons, but there’s really only one: the month of October. The one month of the year where every major American sport is on your TV. This month is friggin’ awesome. There’s not one day that goes by without some sort of sporting event that you’d like to watch. But why then, you may ask, do people get divorced in January? Ever heard of Christmas?

Just because the papers are filed in January doesn’t mean your significant other made the decision at that time. The decision was made back in October when you were watching the Cubs in the World Series, the Bears get obliterated, the Blackhawks give up every powerplay goal in the NHL, and the Bulls start their season with a collection of misfit toys-type roster. She made the decision to kick your ass to the curb, but waited until she got that necklace from Santa Claus first. Of course, there’s only one reaction every guy would have if that really happened…

Just kidding, girls, we love you. Please don’t leave us. We’d be very lost in this world without you. Just leave me alone in October, k? 🙂


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