I Really Don’t Care About Your Fantasy Team

Unless you’re in my league or one of your players committed a major felony, I could really care less how your fantasy team is performing. This has been talked about and written for awhile, but I feel like the flame has died a bit so I want to throw some gas on it.

I’m all about fantasy. I was the first one claiming that God hates me this year when Keenan Allen went down. I’m also continuing that claim now that Mark Ingram lost his job after fumbling like an asshole. But I’m not going to talk about it among my peers who aren’t in my league. Why? Because they don’t care. As much as they pretend to listen to your fantasy problems, they’re really just waiting until it’s their turn to talk about their stupid team.

So if you’re trying to start a conversation with me and it starts by you saying “I had *insert player* going against *insert defense*…” or “I totally got screwed this weekend because…” know that I’m probably going to just walk away. And if I don’t, I might just smash my head against a desk, chair, or whatever solid object I can find.



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