Bears Now Poised To Go 10-6, Win Super Bowl

Safe to say the Bears are back. I don’t think it’s rash to compare this defense to the ’85 Bears. There’s no way Singletary and company could’ve kept up with Sam Bradford and that potent Vikings offense. Now that we can rest assured that Jay can hang at least 20 on the best defenses in the league, I’m placing my bets for a 10-6 finish capped off with a Super Bowl win.

But seriously, what we really learned is that the Vikings don’t have any players on offense. Cutler threw balls that are easy interceptions on most days, which would have dramatically shifted the game flow. The Vikings’ offense hung their defense out to dry all game, and eventually the “floodgates” opened with some points for the Bears. While the defense was impressive, I need back-to-back performances before I can consider this team anything more than hot garbage. A few standouts…

Akiem Hicks was a legit beast all game long. This is what the Bears were expecting when they signed him as a free agent. However, the knock against him is that he doesn’t always show up. It’ll be interesting to see what he does in a non-primetime game. Also, his sack dances were extremely on point.

Jordan Howard and the offensive line really surprised me. It’s clear Howard can be that force in the backfield, but where was he the past two games? Better yet, why wasn’t he used like this for two weeks? It’s possible Foxy knew of an injury we didn’t, and for that reason I give Howard a pass for those other two weeks. The offensive line kicked major ass last night as well against a top front seven. That’s without Kyle Long and Josh Sitton, their two starting guards. It’s looking more and more like Long should just get his surgery over with now, because that injury isn’t going to heal without it.

While I love when the Bears win, I would really prefer that they cut the shit and get a high draft pick. I appreciate the effort, but it’s almost like Pace and Fox said “maybe we should give them one” when ownership publicly claimed they were evaluating the organization top to bottom. Maybe the outside consultants should evaluate ownership.


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