Losing to the Bears Has Consequences

So the Vikings could only muster ten points against the Bears on Monday, and a couple days later Norv Turner retires. Hm. This is the classic “retire or get fired” ultimatum that NFL teams place on coaches who have been around the block a time or two. Bruce Arians retired at one point in his career too. From the article:

“I have tremendous respect for (head coach) Mike Zimmer, our coaching staff, and our players and at this time I think it is in the best interest of the team to step down. I thank the Wilf family for my time here in Minnesota and want to see our players and coaches achieve success.”

That last line about wanting the team to achieve success is a lie that would make OJ blush. I wouldn’t expect him to actually want the Vikings to succeed, because no human has ever left their job saying “I hope they do really well now that I’m out of the picture.” Norv was dealt a bad hand. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s running the offense in San Fran again next year.


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