Make Any Predictions You Want Because They Mean Absolutely Nothing

I can’t make predictions because it’s baseball. One game has no correlation with the past or present. Momentum isn’t a real thing. No matter how you try to break down game 7, you have no clue what’s going to happen. But I guess we’ll still try…

This is basically Hendrick/Lester/maybe Edwards/Chapman versus Kluber/Miller/Allen. Those are the only pitchers I would expect to see tonight. Hendricks and Kluber will have about the length of leash you would give a German Shepherd with rabies in a room full of newborns. If Maddon smells any sort of trouble early in the game I would fully expect Lester to come in as long as there’s no one on base. Outside of Chapman the only reliever you can semi-trust right now is Edwards, so he might get a bridge inning. Also, everyone criticizing Maddon for bringing in Chapman when he did last night should just go pound sand. It’s the World Fucking Series. You play your best players and you don’t take chances.

If there is a game where the Cubs are going to get to Kluber, it’s this one. This is the third time in a week they’ve seen him, so he’s going to have to be close to perfect to shut them down again. Which he’s more than capable of doing. You’re also going to see Andrew Miller for possibly three or four innings depending on how the game shakes out. The Maddon/Francona duel is going to be epic because both of them have the balls to make what they believe to be the right calls even if it means the possibility of getting hung out to dry if it goes south.

The only thing I’m relatively sure of is there’s no way this game ends up like last night for either side. Each team has three or four guys who are really good at not giving up runs, which means even if one or two are off you still have other guys to stop the bleeding. Just watch out for GasMoneyBob if this thing goes the Cubs’ way.



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